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Mitchel's Tone Ring Mate installed in Archtop Ring

Mitchel's Tone Ring Mate transforms a raised head banjo to a flat head banjo. This is not a conversion ring but a special, revolutionary design addition that allows you to utilize your pre-war ring and get that pre-war flat head sound everyone wants!


For those that have cut down their old bodies, we can restore it to original and use your original tone ring plus Mitchel's Tone Ring Mate to give you what you have been searching for.


No cutting or alteration needed, keep it original! Just set Mitchel's Tone Ring Mate on your original raised head ring and then enjoy the flat head sound that everyone wants plus more!!


$299.95 + S&H

Dealer Pricing Available

(Contact us to order)

The Mitch & J 38 Spc. was designed using specs taken from Mr. Jerry Keys' 1938 Gibson style 35 flathead.


We offer two types of ring: a 20-hole and a no-hole.


The ring can be ordered either nickel plate or unplated.


Nickel plated: $570.00 + S&H

Unplated: $550.00 +S&H

(Contact us to order)

Mitch & J 38 Spc.

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