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Buy Mitchel's PlateMate by clicking below, or click here to read more about it.

About Mitchel Meadors

Mitchel Meadors is a talented Bluegrass musicion, inventor, and preacher. He has put countless hours of time, effort, and dedication into all of his products.




"It's the best my guitar has ever sounded." - Randy Waller


"PlateMate does it all for me."  - Marty Raybon


"My 1951 D-28 Martin guitar plays better than ever with the 'PlateMate'. The notes are so much cleaner. The bridge pins are all even and hold the strings better when I put them on. The 'PlateMate' has really helped my guitar." - Little Roy Lewis


"The Mitch Banjo is the liveliest and best new banjo I have ever heard." - John at

Who's playing with what?


  • Joey Cox (Doyle Lawson & Quick Silver band) plays the new maple model Mitch Banjo. Hear it on the new Doyle Lawson CD!

  • Darren Beachley (Doyle Lawson & Quick Silver band) uses Mitchel's PlateMate in his guitar.

  • Jerry Keys has Mitchel's Tone Ring Mate in his1933 Granada

  • Little Roy Lewis has Mitchel's PlateMate installed in his 1951 D-28 model guitar.

  • Randy Waller has Mitchel's PlateMate installed in his guitar.

  • Marty Raybon has Mitchel's PlateMate installed in his guitar.


Other loyal customers, supporters, and dealers:


Snuffy Smith, Todd Sams (Stewart McDonald), Doug Hutchens, Don Shean, Charles (Buzz) Matheson, Dan Garrett, First Quality Music, Elderly Instruments,, Ciderville Music, Jay Meadors, Nothin' Fancy Band, Melvin Goins, Carolina Sonshine, James King, Jim Hurst, Jack Holliday, Harold Goad, Kevin Spencer, Goldwing Express, Cherryholmes, Moron Brothers, Mike Gorrell, Marksmen, Darren Beachley and many more.

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